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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Geography Links

Geography for Tots can be fun - take a look at these links for inspiring ideas!










Ramadan activities

Jazmin Gaza Begum Kennedy made these with her kids and posted this picture over at Habeebee Homeschooling - nice idea looks great!

Don't forget to visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Habeebee-Homeschooling/168725359807468 for fun activities and more! 

Space Activity links

Here are enough space activity links to keep your kiddies busy for hours - tons of fun!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Today's Garage sale finds

Storage is so important in a classroom.
 Two of these! 50cents

This is about 5 inches deep - 25 cents

I will have a use for this for sure - 1 inch deep - 25cents

Music a must have - 25cents

Ready for Easter and Halloween - 50 cents

LOVE IT! Bulletin board letters - all organized in the box - $1

Plus I got a pop up tent for $4 and a ride on toy that looks like motor bike - $2

Friday, 29 July 2011

Indoor fun!

The weather here has either been horribly hot, or rainy and extremely muggy - so today we needed to have some indoor fun - with airconditioning! So I pulled out some popup tents, tunnels and vehicles etc.
The children played the entire morning without getting bored.

We set up in an unused classroom with tons of space.

I thought it looked fun!

The kids got right into play!

Tunnels are always a hit!

Very busy!


Hum how do these work?

What's next?

Ending the day with a  delicious Icecream cone sure hits the spot!

Who says the playground has to be outside?!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nap time

Sometimes nap time doesn't include actual napping. It may include reading - bed bags - quiet activities and soft music. Then there are the days when none of that takes place and that's OK because we are happy!

Cuddles and giggles are good - as long as we aren't too loud. :)

Then a little bug hunting may take place!
(It's summer and humid - the ants got in! Ugh!)

It was a quiet activity!

Did he go under here?

YUP! Squish!

Perhaps tomorrow we will all nap!? LOL

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Today we made fluttering butterflies!
First I used our crayon container to trace out a butterfly pattern - it's the perfect size!

See looks good! :)

Tape on a large wooden Popsicle stick



Have fun!



Creating a play space!

Pop on over to our Facebook page to see the great information on creating a play space!
Oh if I had free reign and lots of money!! We can dream can't we?! Well perhaps we can take elements of all that we read and see and include them in our own spaces. Be creative - imagine and make it happen!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Dramatic Play ideas and information

Today my kids played with a new kitchen set I got at a garage sale - :) $6 - but I digress. It was a huge hit!
Dramatic play is essential to any preschool classroom - and although play kitchens are an ultimate favorite we need to think beyond the plastic fruits and veggies!

The importance of dramatic play is described on the link below:

A lesson on dramatic play:

Ideas and supportive information:




Although we are not in our own classroom to have our dramatic play area (Practical Life) set up as we want - today was successful when  we introduced some new play kitchen items. There was socialization - language development - sharing - cooperation and imagination in action!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Dot dabbers

 Take a look at my friend Deborah's dot dabbers! She always inspires me!
I have always used bingo dabbers with my tots - but the ink does not wash off well. Getting the colours you really want may also be an issue - so to make your own is a great option!
Here is my version!
We used yogurt drink containers and 2 styles of makeup sponges.
The pink one is like a regular sponge - more porous.

These are the perfect size for small hands.
The sponges were too small - so I added some fine netting and secured it all with elastic bands.

They worked out great! One had a bit too much water
so I have to remember not to add too much next time!

This little boy was thrilled to see he came up with a happy face!

Nice effect!

Clifford comes to visit

One of the best things that has happened to me in the past couple of years is, making connections with other preschool bloggers and facebook friends who happen to be Preschool teachers! I do however get jealous of the awesome bargains and cool school resources made available to teachers in the USA. One of those was the Kohls Cares for Kid Books and Plush Clifford toys. When I expressed my desire to have a Clifford toy my facebook friend Lori (fellow preschool teacher) offered to go shopping for me, and sent me a Clifford right away!

Here is our 'visit with Clifford'!
Here he is! The star of the show!
Clifford certainly brought smiles to our faces!

Some of us needed to warm up to him a bit first! :)

... But mostly smiles!


Making the rounds!

Mmmmm soft!

He's really here!

Of course we had to read some of Cliffords books.
These two are our favorites!
Then we wanted to make something to remember Cliffords visit!

Messy Fun!

Here is our finished product! :)

Preschool friends rock!