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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Monster slime

Today we made Monster Slime sensory bags - yucky!

Into a thick Ziploc freezer bag we put green glitter (scabs) - hair gel (blood) - wiggly eyes (monster eyes) - Easter grass (veins) and baby oil for extra slipperiness.

Oh yeah and don't forget the monster teeth!
(Beads from an old necklace)

It proved to be a very popular sensory bag!
Of course we taped it shut as well - just in case :)

Terry Fox Day

Yesterday our school raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation. The entire school got involved. The children ran a course - the teachers ran a relay and the toddlers added in a parachute game. All the while our elementary children cheered us on with tambourines - horns - bells etc. Teaching children a means of philanthropy is imperative to building good citizenship.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Colour activity

This colour activity has some fine motor and counting added in - I love activities that are adaptable for many uses! :)

I was looking for a snack last night and I found these year old tootsie rolls - yes I ate two and I am still alive LOL - then it came to me - this container would be great for the coloured game chips I bought at a garage sale for 10 cents. I also had some sticky tac paper I had bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.

So I covered the container.

Nice eh!

Then I needed to pop out the covering on the slit in the top!

See here?


I sorted all the chips I had and took out the coloured ones.

Then I put them together as a colour activity!

I called up each friend to find a specific colour and put it into our container.

They had a great time and did very well identifying the colours!
Later in the afternoon some of the children played with this independently, taking turns and identifying the colours!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A fun way to exercise

Today my toddlers tried something new! An exercise ball. They had so much fun tumbling over the top and rolling back and forth. Learning to push off with their feet and stopping themselves with thier hands - while balancing at  the same time. A little assistance was required but most got the hang of getting in a few good rolls, almost on their own. I was very pleased that all the children tried this activity - showing confidence that I would ensure they were safe while they tired this new venture. I think this is a good addition to our exercise routine.

Monday, 26 September 2011


Who doesn't like drumming on a drum? We always have a good time when the drum comes out. Everyone takes a turn to test out their drumming skills. Some have the courage to bang really hard. Some are very timmid and simply tap with a gentle hand. We talk about 'fast' - 'slow' - 'hard' - 'soft' - 'loud' and 'quiet' as we drum. Then the most exciting part is when everyone gets up on their feet and moves to the beat of the drum. Starting out slowly then going very fast. Marching, hopping, running - then freeze! What fun!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Classroom equipment

Often I look at catalogues and on line at the many educational toys and equipment that are available, and there are some that jump off the page telling me to buy them. Some are fantastic additions to the classroom and some are failures. Then there are a few that may take some time to get used to, because they do have their great qualities and may simply need the right child to use it. Finding success with some equipment is dependant on the age of the child and their developmental preparedness to use the equipment. When it's the right fit - then the equipment becomes a standard in the room.

This is a new addition to our classroom.
At this point I feel it's a good addition to the classroom.
It draws the childs attention and they stay involved - wanting to try the 3 different templates that come with the set. It's great for hand eye co-ordination - fine motor grasp / movement, supporting preprinting skills.

This equipment will give me some indication of right or left hand dominance - which in turn lets me know which hand to support during other activities such as using scissors.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Todays Treasures

Although the garage sales are winding down I found some good deals!

A tote on wheels which holds a laptop and binders - although I could have used this in college the past 3 years, it will come in handy on days I have a lot to carry into the school. Who knows I may go back to college again as well! :) $4

Felt - I have a lot of projects to get done for my felt board - this will come n handy! $2

Woodies and patches - 50cents

Paint - lots of projects to complete - 50 cents each

More woodies and some ribbon - the basket was in the same bag - 50 cents
I use some woodies to replace puzzle pieces that are missing.

Books are a must have and I don't pass up the good ones that are cheap - 25 cents each

... more books - 25 cents each

Jesters hat - 25 cents

More dance music- 25 cents

Mini blender - so many uses! $2

I have so many Thomas the Train lovers in my class - $1
These drive on their own with a flip of a switch.

Cute poster for colour matching - 25 cents

In my opinion another great garage sale day - and the kiddies benefit!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Colour all around us

Just like we use common objects to count - we also use common objects while learning to identify colours. In our classroom colour abounds, it's all around us. So using common objects to identify makes learning the colours rational.

Here the children are using Twister hopscotch rings and connector beads to sort the beads into colour groups.
The children also use the mittens seen in this post to match with toys and objects from the room. The mittens are also held up like flashcards and the children yell out the colours they are identifying.

How do you teach colour? Let us know by posting a link below!

Monday, 19 September 2011

A break through day!

There are many reasons why I work with children. There is a certain joy I get when I see hurdles overcome and the proverbial light bulb going off over the children's heads.
Last year a little boy joined my toddler classroom, about halfway through the year. He was only part time, and he even missed some of those days. While I had him, I worked hard to assimilate him into the classroom. Whilst being cognisant of his personal boundaries and maintaining an understanding that this was a new experience for him. It was obvious at the onset that his little boy had some special needs, this was backed up by a phone conversation with his pediatrician (who had requested a conversation with me). This little boy was autistic. Not severely, but definitely showing characteristics of autism. As a mother of an autistic son, and a Developmental Care Worker with over 30 years experience, I was aware that the diagnosis his pedieatrican was going to share with me, was what I had suspected. Although his family did not share this with me. Any way, my first goal for this little boy was to get him comfortable in his new surroundings, with the hopes that he would one day join us at circle time, and participate in the group activities set out for the day.
Today that goal was accomplished! We had been slowly getting him to sit during circle activities a little bit at a time, and the past few times he has sat the entire time. (Insert big grin) Today I was selecting each child to come up and select a colour to match and show the class. When I called up this little boy he did it! He came when I called his name - he took the colour to match - matched it - then went and sat back down!!!! Yippy! I was on cloud nine - I was so happy for him and he was happy with himself! I see many awesome days ahead for this little boy! He will accomplish a lot!
When I experience a 'Break through day', I continue to hold steadfast on the path I am taking, while teaching little minds.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A must go to site!

I had to post this site over here on our blog in case you missed it on our Facebook page. Great free printable activities and props - with great graphics and all very usable!


Treasures of the day!

I just LOVE my garage sale days!

Books are a must buy! Plus a CD - 50 cents


I love these! :) $1

A cute doll that can go in the bath!
All the dolls I buy are able to go into the water. $1

Curious George - he blows bubble in the bath! $1

50 cents for the pattern set!

Love the croc! 25cents

25 cents

Paper sorter FREE!

Craft supplies - $1

I have wanted this for a couple of years - but I don't buy retail - LOL

Got it today for $1

See why I wanted it - so cute - great prop for story telling!

....and the best find of the day!!! 25 cents
Great prop to teach tooth brushing - it's an actual dental model the dentists use to show kids!

I also got a case of plain white paper bags - the kind delis wrap sandwiches in for $2 - I already have a ton of ideas for those! :) Oh and some small plastic viles with lids - just about anything can go into those!

Doesn't this make you want to go to garage sales for your little tots!