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Saturday, 21 July 2012

More loot!

I may be boring some of you by adding this all the time - but some people seem to love it just as much as me!

Why not - this could be fun! $2

50 cents - too cute!

25 cents

25 cents


50 cents
Great for writting letters to santa! :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

2 Mile Garage Sale!

Yup today I went to a 2 mile garage sale - and this is what I got for the tots!

I can't wait to see this in action! $1


For my computer at work - $1

Moon sand - $1

25 cents

10 cents

I have to repaint this but I love these dolls! $1

More moon sand - $1

Planters - 50 cents

50 cents


25 cents

25 cents

25 cents

I also got other items but related to scrapbooking.

All in all a good day and worth the sore feet!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday shopping spree - garage sale style!

Another weekend of great sales!

I have been looking for one of these in great condition for a couple of years - with all the records - 50 cents!

Window cling - 10 cents

Not sure what this is used for CD's maybe - 50 cents...

... but this is what I used it for - the finger puppets I got for 50 cents

Lacing cards - these are durable plastic - 25 cents

A chefs hat and apron - $2...

... and some baking stuff to go with it! - 75 cents

OK this is way too cute! Press the buttona and it sings a song "I'm a super duper pooper!" $1
Super dooper pooper! Incase you have never heard the song!

Free books for the older kids at school!

A couple of free books and a couple for 50 cents

50 cents


Plus I got some shelving units for our school! A great way to get quality furniture for a song!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bubbles Indoors!

Bubbles indoors - why not!

It's the little things in life that bring joy!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lack of posting and my obsession!

I have really been lazy about doing my blog lately - I am focusing on my tots and other obsessions in my life. I have been getting deep into scrap booking. Not making books or cards per say - but classroom bulletin boards and other aids. It is really fun! So I hope you all stick around because come September - and perhaps a few times this summer I will post some new stuff for you to see! I will also show off some of my scrappy work! However for now I will show you some of my garage sale finds. My first obsession! LOL

A train whistle - makes a cool train sound! 25 cents

A magical bunny puppet! $1

This sings Lonely Goat Heard - adorable!!

The kids LOVE this and dance and sing with it while and Ole Ole song plays!
Both were $1 each

Puzzle 50 cents

These are so handy! 50 cents

Good for number ID 10 cents

Tons of tape 50 cents each!

Pillows for our couch $1

Great for teaching street lights better than our last one - lights come on individually! $2

For outside 50 cents

Stamps and paint tools - 50 cents

10 cents - why not! :)

Books - $1

Fun for block area - 50 cents

Walking feet - $1

Calendar $1

Extra for our karaoke play! $2

I always grab extras! 25 cents

Thsi works with our CD player! 50 cents

50 cents - Boys love this!

50 cents - fishing pole!

I already have one of these turtles but I couldn't leave this one behind. $1

Loads of crafty stuff - $2

We are really enjoying our bouncy castle I got a few weeks ago!

I also got an adorable child sized chair and ottoman which I will post a picture of once I have it set up! It was only $10!

I have missed posting a lot of stuff - but you know the great finds I get! LOL I might have to end this one day because my house and classroom are just about to burst!! But hey - the tots are always entertained and I have tons of equipment to teach with! There is no way we could have what we do if I had to pay retail! the school certainly couldn't spend that much either!