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Friday, 25 May 2012


This is a little something we are putting together for Dads on Fathers day.

This poem will be in a card and go with this gift:

A Dad is

A Dad is respected because he gives his children leadership.
A Dad is appreciated because he gives his children care.
A Dad is valued because he gives his children time.
A Dad is loved because he gives his children the one thing they treasure most - himself.
So this gift will be something that child and Father can do together.

Create a Dice with activities kids and Dads can do together.
Print it out on coloured card stock.

Cut it out

Score the folds
If you don't have a scoring board just do it by running the edge of the scissors along a ruler - laying on the paper.

All scored!

Start folding into the dice shape.
 I tape from inside to make it look nice.

Ta Da!
Roll and play with Dad!

Bulletin boards - in a frame & on a door!

I love to make bulletin boards and classroom signs!

I am waiting for a couple of kids to come back to school to finish this - we need 2 more hand prints then this will be framed and hung in the front hall of the school!

This is hung on my classsroom door to remind parents that the hose is about to come out!! LOL

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Yup It's Saturday - more garage sales!

I only grabbed a few things for school this week - because I have been getting scrapbook stuff - for me! :) However I will definitely be using most of it for bulletin boards and school projects with the tots. Well here is the stash!

Paint chip books - FREE

The boys love garbage trucks! $1

$1 for both

$3 - Love these


These are fun - bean bag toss!

For letter practise!

I also got a duplo block table!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Skill sharing - transference and play!

Some of the proudest moments I have on the job, are when I see the students in my class transferring, or sharing the skills they have developed from academic lessons. Those academic activities have become play!

In the next 4 pictures one child becomes the teacher and the other the student.

One child is showing the the other our colour mittens, which I use to teach colours. 
This became a dramatic play moment.

They showed remarkable accuracy in the teaching of the colours,
and the correct response to the colours presented.

They remained at this activity until they had completed all the colours,
about 15 or so.

They respected the roles they had chosen and appeared
content with the result of their time together. 

Independently 'playing' also showed the same skill transference.
An activity that had once been taught, now became an activity which seemed like play.

When we think of children playing we think of toys, running, jumping and frolicking about - not always so. Children play in many different ways. All play is a moment to learn and to develop skills. Jean Piaget once said,“Play is the work of childhood.” So whether a child chooses to do something academic or chooses to climb a tree - they are learning and developing skills for life.
I am please that the children in my classroom feel that the activities I have presented, are worthy of 'play'!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Have a peek at my garage sale finds today?

Cool eh! $2

I was so happy to find this - $1


This may come in handy for crafting! 50 cents

Notice anything wierd? LOL 25cents

Puzzles $1 each

This one has sound!

Storage for all my crap! LOL 50 cents


25 cents

I have been looking for one of these for a long time! $1

Window cling paints! Cool! $1 for all!


50 cents

 $1 for 2 felt boards stories

25 cents

10 cents

25 cents


10 cents

To top this week off I got a Little Tikes bounce house like this!!

Then I need to fulfill my scrapbook addiction! :)

I did go home with $ in my pocket!! LOL With a smile on my face! :)