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Saturday, 27 April 2013

The process - the finds!

So I am closer to opening my own preschool more now than ever before and my everlasting hunt for cool stuff to fill it continues. Today was fun and amazing - lots of cool stuff - cheap stuff and FREE stuff. I am not going to show everything now - but when it's all set up and good to go the vision will be complete to unveil! That makes me more than happy!

The instruments in both pictures only $5!
Flags free - blackboard 25 cents.
Oh and the glass ball 25 cents to gaze into when I feel stressed - LOL
 It's going on my desk!

Along with these I got 2 computer monitors for $15 - some great bins for $2 - A hotair hockey game for $1 - a wooden child sized Muskoka chair for $1 - A very large cardboard play house that the tots can colour $1 - Puzzles - books etc for about $1 and a few small toys for about $2. It was a great day and the garage sale season only began!
Oh and I got an over head projector - so excited about that - for only $2 - Score!!!

My hubby will be happy when my preschool actually opens - so all this stuff can be put to use and taken out of the house and garage!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

New Beginnings!

Things are revving up again for me - I am getting my mojo back! I am no longer going to work for other people who do not have the best interest of the children at heart. I will be opening my own preschool very soon - hopefully opening the doors in September - or sooner! I am beginning to be excited for what can be and what will be! Part of my life is filled with creativity - I love to create and I love to go to garage sales (well if you have followed me you know that). So to inspire my new beginning I celebrated with going to a few garage sales today - the first of the season. I know - crazy - but it's the little things in life that make me happy! :)
So here is what I got!

For the classrooms - bulletin board - shoe tying shoes
- play phones - paint cups - all for about $3

Rubber stamps for my crafty side $1
My other blog is My Creative Obsession
Once I have established myself I hope to continue blogging about my Preschool and all the adventures I will have with the small hearts I share my life with.
 Stay tuned for plenty of sharing in the near future! :)