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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Garage Sale Saturday!

It was a great garage sale day!

Bongos - you can never have too many! :) 50 cents

Bin filled with craft stuff! $2


I can see using this for markers and paper.

Wooden bread board - $1
Good for putting activities out for the tots - like the spools for threading.

 $3 for a friend!

This is so cute!
See how the story unfolds - great for circle time!
Great story time prop! 25 cents

Ann of Green Gables Hat! 25 cents

Love this!
Great for sequencing - counting - patterns etc. 25 cents

I have been looking for these forever! 10 cents

Fun Science and sensory! 10 cents

Great activity! 50 cents

Informative books!
With microphone below $4

I needed an extra one for my karaoke machine!

These are great for playdough as well! 10 cents

 25 cents and full of stickers - but I wanted them for putting away my cuttlebug folders!
$3 - there is a $62 price tag underneath!

50 cents - plus I got one of those huge dumtrucks for $1

25 cents

We can use these for science stuff - 50 cents

 Love this - great for my crafting for sure! $1

All books $2

New game - 50 cents

Entire box of craft stuff - $6

Plus I got 2 office waiting chairs for my boss and 4 heavy duty pillons - $17
Oh yeah and I got a large bag of plastic balls to make a sensory bin. $1

Doesn't this just make ya wanna go to a garage sale! :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

Bird in a nest!

We made birds in a bird nest this week.

We began by making paper mache nests - with left over Shredded paper Easter grass.

Then we made birds to live in the nests!

Tweet tweet!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inspiration and nature!

We have been really busy gardening our little patch of land. We are hoping for a great deal of amazing plants to surge forth. There should be lots of veggies to try if all goes well!
To go along with our nature and gardening activities I showed my tots the pictures of Happy Hooligans Robin Family! We also did our version of their rockin-robin & we also made our version of nesting material for the birds from The Crafty Crow, which Happy Hooligans shared the link for on their FB page. Thanks you guys for inspiring us to have a great day!

Here are our gardening pictures from today!

Our version of the Rockin'-Robin - hung in the hallway with our coffee filter flowers!

Our version of the nesting material for birds - hung in a tree beside our garden.

Our garden - veggies in back - flowers in front!

Daily watering!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dancing in the dark!

Yesterday it was a dark and gloomy day - we celebrated the day instead of feeling blue - by turning off the lights and making it even darker. We got out some glow sticks and danced to the beat of the drum. Oh what fun!

The room was definitely darker - the flash of the camera certainly brightened it up.
The glow sticks did look amazing in the dark as the tots danced about!

We have 10 fingers!

I saw this today and decided to make my own version and laminate it to assist some tots in counting their fingers!
Although my tots can count to 30 the concept of all those numbers gets lost if you do not assist them in making a visual connection to those numbers. So this is what we did.

I had the tots place their hands over the hands on the page we created. Then I had them count out loud their fingers on each hand. Some breezed by doing this activity - others did struggle. I will leave this out for the tots to practise whenever they have an urge to do so. 

Indoor planting

The weather here yesterday was horrible - wet, slushy, rain and cold! What a great day to plant our flower seeds - INDOORS!

Everyone was really focused on learning about the
seeds and how to put them into the pots for growing.
Hopefully we will have some real beauties in our garden this year!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday is my, our day!

Saturday is the day my husband and I spend quality time together by going to garage sales - we LOVE them!
I get stuff for school and for my crafting needs - he gets stuff to send home to Nigeria for family and friends.
This is what I got today!

Puzzles - drumsticks - duck whistle - french language cards
and wooden pegs for a pegboard - $4

Japanese Daruma Doll - FREE

Drum - $10 - the most I have paid but the sound was great and it's large!
Update: I just spent some time looing up these drums - the prices range from
$59.99 for a small childs drum to $350.00 - this one is valued at about $200.00!
Well worth the $10 spent!! :)

FREE - for our Library corner - the boys love this car!

Tool kit - I so need this in the classroom
Book stand - headlight and plastic box - for crafting.
All - $6 with the 4 Headphones below!

$1 - Boxes to organise my craft area
$1 - Potato sack racers - for fun!

25cents - The tots will love these!

Frames for tots art - trinket box - disco light -  unique colouring book - $1

Photo book - 25 cents - embosser $1

Topsy tervey doll $1

Play laundry basket and supplies - $1


Wooden craft pieces with.....

..... storage trays - paper box - book tape - chalk - tin
stick tack paper - misc. craft supplies - all $1

Books $1

4 Headphones

Throw in a Queen sized comforter and a leather purse  for $8 and that is one great garage sale day!

By the way, sometimes you can find garage-sale prices for needed stuff by checking out CouponCravings.com before shopping online.