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Friday 1 December 2017

Jackelyn Shultz - New Book!

This is Howie Mandels daughter Jackelyn Shultz.

She has written her first children's book and the characters are her own children.
I let her know that I would share the link to purchase her book, so here it is.
I have ordered my own copy to share with my grand kids.
I am excited and can't wait to read it!

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Still prowling garage sales!

I am still prowling garage sales and having fun doing so!
I found this last weekend - 2 bucks! Hand made and a bit of a mess - but I saw potential! We all know how very expensive paper racks are - so this I could not pass up!

Here is how it turned out with a little TLC - one coat of paint (below) - 
Tomorrow it will get it's 2nd coat! I will post another picture when it's all ready for use!

Long absence!

I have not blogged in a very long time - I was realigning my career! I was becoming disillusioned with people and centers I was working for - so I have ventured out on my own and opened my own Preschool.
MacFadyen Preschool Academy I am fulfilling my dream!
We are brand new - Open officially for One month - we have 6 kids registered - we can have 49 - so hope we fill up soon!
I am excited and nervous - with confidence I have what it takes to deliver a perfect program for children infant to 5 years of age!

I hope to share more in the future and I do apologize to anyone who emailed me in the past couple of years I didn't even open the email in all this time. I promise to open it from time to time now! :) 

Sunday 21 July 2013

MacFadyen Preschool Academy - Burlington Ontario

I am so excited and proud to say I have opened my own preschool - now all those garage sale finds have a new home!
Here is a sneak peek!

Our little video! I just love how it all turned out - we have a bit more to do but almost ready to open the doors for August 6th!

Please share the links with your friends!

Sunday 5 May 2013

Time to pack my resources - the beginning!

OMG I knew I had tons of things for Preschool - my resources are endless - but now that it's time to pack it all, it's more than overwhelming. Today I got through one room - 2 more to go! I had stuff EVERYWHERE! I had stuff in boxes from previous attempts to organize and stuff laying about from garage sale purchases - then the stuff I was using to take back and forth to school with me to use regularly. Then insert my crafting things - which I am obsessed with - more overflow! As I am packing I am telling myself - never again! Sure! LOL
Any way - every little bit I do the closer I get to being in my very own preschool! I am getting really excited as I am closer now than ever before!
With all that said I am ready to reveal my hoard - but please don't call hoarders on me - it will be put to good use soon.

This is in my craft room in the images above
- puzzle shelves - bulletin board boarders etc.
Heck even some groceries LOL - Don't worry it went in the garbage!

Closet in my craft room became a preschool closet!
It will be emptied soon!

The next few pictures are in my family room - piles all over - Ugh!


Everything was to be kept in the cupboards to the right!
I had them made to hide my craft stuff - but the preschool stuff
 took over - then spilled out!
Still more!

In my downstairs laundry room - all this will go!
The washer/dryer combo as well!

This will all go as well - this is in the laundry room too!

So now some stuff is boxed up ready to take to it's new home!

Outdoor play toys and a few other items will go!

Still need to pack this up better - craft items for tots!

More stuff packed to go!
Sitting in my downstairs hallway!

Well at least ya can sit on my couch now!

Well this is one step partially done so I can get it all on a truck to my future!
I hope to blow your mind when it's all set up and ready to play with!
Oh crap I just heard the doorbell - hope it's not hoarders coming to call! Hehehe

Saturday 27 April 2013

The process - the finds!

So I am closer to opening my own preschool more now than ever before and my everlasting hunt for cool stuff to fill it continues. Today was fun and amazing - lots of cool stuff - cheap stuff and FREE stuff. I am not going to show everything now - but when it's all set up and good to go the vision will be complete to unveil! That makes me more than happy!

The instruments in both pictures only $5!
Flags free - blackboard 25 cents.
Oh and the glass ball 25 cents to gaze into when I feel stressed - LOL
 It's going on my desk!

Along with these I got 2 computer monitors for $15 - some great bins for $2 - A hotair hockey game for $1 - a wooden child sized Muskoka chair for $1 - A very large cardboard play house that the tots can colour $1 - Puzzles - books etc for about $1 and a few small toys for about $2. It was a great day and the garage sale season only began!
Oh and I got an over head projector - so excited about that - for only $2 - Score!!!

My hubby will be happy when my preschool actually opens - so all this stuff can be put to use and taken out of the house and garage!

Saturday 13 April 2013

New Beginnings!

Things are revving up again for me - I am getting my mojo back! I am no longer going to work for other people who do not have the best interest of the children at heart. I will be opening my own preschool very soon - hopefully opening the doors in September - or sooner! I am beginning to be excited for what can be and what will be! Part of my life is filled with creativity - I love to create and I love to go to garage sales (well if you have followed me you know that). So to inspire my new beginning I celebrated with going to a few garage sales today - the first of the season. I know - crazy - but it's the little things in life that make me happy! :)
So here is what I got!

For the classrooms - bulletin board - shoe tying shoes
- play phones - paint cups - all for about $3

Rubber stamps for my crafty side $1
My other blog is My Creative Obsession
Once I have established myself I hope to continue blogging about my Preschool and all the adventures I will have with the small hearts I share my life with.
 Stay tuned for plenty of sharing in the near future! :)