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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Still prowling garage sales!

I am still prowling garage sales and having fun doing so!
I found this last weekend - 2 bucks! Hand made and a bit of a mess - but I saw potential! We all know how very expensive paper racks are - so this I could not pass up!

Here is how it turned out with a little TLC - one coat of paint (below) - 
Tomorrow it will get it's 2nd coat! I will post another picture when it's all ready for use!

Long absence!

I have not blogged in a very long time - I was realigning my career! I was becoming disillusioned with people and centers I was working for - so I have ventured out on my own and opened my own Preschool.
MacFadyen Preschool Academy I am fulfilling my dream!
We are brand new - Open officially for One month - we have 6 kids registered - we can have 49 - so hope we fill up soon!
I am excited and nervous - with confidence I have what it takes to deliver a perfect program for children infant to 5 years of age!

I hope to share more in the future and I do apologize to anyone who emailed me in the past couple of years I didn't even open the email in all this time. I promise to open it from time to time now! :)