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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Playing with blocks!

I have at least 5 main types of blocks in my classroom at one time. I often add more, and switch them out, with a variety of other types - styles and textures on a regular basis. Combining a selection of blocks together can enhance this play beyond the simple build a tower type of block play. Not that there is anything wrong with that, as tower building is an important component of block building. After all the 'Pink Tower' is one of the principal pieces of equipment in a Montessori classroom. Essentially block play transforms any day into an adventure in learning.
When I watch the children playing with blocks, I see so many crucial developmental skills being evolved. I watch the excitement when the children transform blocks to  into creations, which in their mind represents what they had intended. The social aspect of block play is of great value. I see children that may not have socialize together, suddenly partner up and create a structure, with a resourcefulness that had not been established before.
Providing the tools for exploration in the classroom is a teachers role in ensuring that the children have what they require for steady developmental growth. Blocks may seem like a common and simple object, but there importance is paramount.

Take a look at the articles on these links for "The Importance of Block Play":

So what type of blocks do you have in your classroom?
 Here are some of the Toddler favourites we have:
Plastic 3D Character Blocks / Clipo Peeka Blocks / Waffle Blocks

Wooden blocks in a variety of types

Wooden Lincoln Logs / Foam Blocks

Duplo Blocks a classic favorite! 

 I can't remember the name of these - but we like them :)
*Thanks to one of my followers on FB for reminding me that these are called Bristol Blocks!
The list could go on and on - there are so many to choose from.

Perhaps we can give our gratitude to Frederich Froebel for the introduction of these wonderful "gifts" in his newly formed kindergarten classroom. His altruistic vision of presenting play with a purpose, by creating occupations, lead the way for teachers to use the child's 'environment' as educational aids.
Watch this video which I made for more information on Frederich Froebel:

Be sure to add a variety of blocks to your classroom!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Time to get the blocks out over here! :)