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Friday, 17 February 2012

Magnetize me!

I need some help!
I need ideas for magnetic activities for toddlers - 18months to 3 years old. What is in your collection of great ideas?
Please share them here in this linky - you would be helping out to ensure 'Magnetic March' goes off well!

I have some resources available to help.

We have magnetic toys.

We have created magnetic toys to play with our horseshoe magnets.
We have some wand magnets.
As well as specialty toys with magnets.

OK gang start linking so I can impress my tots! :)


  1. Little kids LOOOOOOOOVE magic. You need a heavy, opaque plastic tablecloth, a strong magnet that you can manipulate under the cloth and some metal items on top. Then you just make the items on top move by dragging your invisible magnet around! Magic- they can move without you touching them!

    If you have some magnets with positive and negative poles it's fun to guess which is which. Which things will jump to the magnet you're holding? Which will run away?

    You can make it like tabletop football and use like poles to guide a magnetic ball (if you have one) through the 'goal'...

  2. Hey!! Magnet boards with magnetic abc letters and numbers, even magnetic pictures.
    Also this looked really good, especially for your age group =)
    Maybe you can maphoto magnets for the children to put on their fridge at home??ke

  3. can't go wrong with magnatiles and geoshapes!!! i'll link up just to kick things off : )

  4. Hello Leeanne! I linked up my discovery bottles. I have 3 bottles with magnetism in my post. My favorite one has a 3 level objects floating and or sinking or just in the middle and it is to explore the magnetism in a liquid. :)

  5. Oh! I forgot my DIY hairy Harry: a fun way to explore magnetism too! :)Gonna link it up too :)

    1. Thanks so much for adding to the list - I have to get started this weekend preparing!