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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Matching Geometric Shapes

I selected some wooden geometric shapes for the children to identify and placed them inside the cloth bag - then identical shapes were laid out on the table. The children were to reach inside the bag without looking and feel for the shapes one by one, and match them with the ones on the table. The concept of 'not looking' inside the bag was difficult - the matching was easy!


  1. I find our kids cannot help but look in that bag! It is so funny!

  2. We did this a while back with our magnet shapes. I slid a large (unused) athletic sock over an oatmeal container and put the shapes inside. The kids could reach in to feel but it was extremely difficult to look inside, even when you really tried.

    And the kids really enjoyed it.

  3. I have to admit I was the kind of kid that would have looked! LOL
    Great idea Scott - I'll have to try that!
    With an unused sock as you suggest - LOL

  4. Another idea added to my list of things to do! I love your blog!