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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Time to pack my resources - the beginning!

OMG I knew I had tons of things for Preschool - my resources are endless - but now that it's time to pack it all, it's more than overwhelming. Today I got through one room - 2 more to go! I had stuff EVERYWHERE! I had stuff in boxes from previous attempts to organize and stuff laying about from garage sale purchases - then the stuff I was using to take back and forth to school with me to use regularly. Then insert my crafting things - which I am obsessed with - more overflow! As I am packing I am telling myself - never again! Sure! LOL
Any way - every little bit I do the closer I get to being in my very own preschool! I am getting really excited as I am closer now than ever before!
With all that said I am ready to reveal my hoard - but please don't call hoarders on me - it will be put to good use soon.

This is in my craft room in the images above
- puzzle shelves - bulletin board boarders etc.
Heck even some groceries LOL - Don't worry it went in the garbage!

Closet in my craft room became a preschool closet!
It will be emptied soon!

The next few pictures are in my family room - piles all over - Ugh!


Everything was to be kept in the cupboards to the right!
I had them made to hide my craft stuff - but the preschool stuff
 took over - then spilled out!
Still more!

In my downstairs laundry room - all this will go!
The washer/dryer combo as well!

This will all go as well - this is in the laundry room too!

So now some stuff is boxed up ready to take to it's new home!

Outdoor play toys and a few other items will go!

Still need to pack this up better - craft items for tots!

More stuff packed to go!
Sitting in my downstairs hallway!

Well at least ya can sit on my couch now!

Well this is one step partially done so I can get it all on a truck to my future!
I hope to blow your mind when it's all set up and ready to play with!
Oh crap I just heard the doorbell - hope it's not hoarders coming to call! Hehehe


  1. lol, you crack me up! I can't wait to see your new school all set up!! So exciting!

    1. Thanks Marji - I can't wait as well - I am more than excited and I definitely can't wait to show you it all set up!

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