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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Not to be Overlooked

When I go into thrift shops - or go to garage sales etc. I go with a list of items in mind to purchase. 99% of the time I find what I am seeking. Today I wanted to get a few more instruments for my music chest. I ventured over to the bagged items and saw some broken castenets inside. Most people would pass them up - but I also love to refurbish and restore things.

They needed new elastic ties - the elastic they use is a thick fabric coated type - Hum where to get that?
Then it came to me - hair elastics are exactly the same!
I cut off the metal centres - strung them through the holes in the castanets and put a bit of glue on the ends so they wouldn't fray. They turned out perfect!
So for $1.99 I have two new sets of perfectly fine castanets.

I also found these cute mini brass cymbals - I will change the ribbon when I find a nice one.
I'm not sure how to play them - I'll have to check that out!
They were $1.99 as well.

These are about 3 inches around.

Update: I did some googling and I found out that these are cymbals used in India for folk music and dance.

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