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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Drummin' and a Little Wind!

On the second day of our music and drama month it was all about drums - with a little wind in there as well!

First we tried out the African drum.

Great beats!

Then on to bongos!

Then we added in the African hand drum.


Then we needed a wind instrument!
Time for the straw whistles - HERE is a good tutorial.

 Fun to play!

Now for finger drums!
Use any small container - a balloon - masking tape - scissors - paint and brush optional!

Cut the end off the balloon - stretch the balloon over the container - tape around edges a couple of times.Note the little bump - it's OK - it's the bottom part of the balloon. You will want this to play the drum - details below.

Paint if you wish.

Wait let's use those balloon bits!
Add more wind!

Make straw the same as the whistles.
Now use those extra balloon pieces and tape them on the uncut end.

These make a different whistle sound.

It's a funny sound - fun to play!

Back to our drum.
You don't tap the drum - you pluck it!
This is where that bump comes in - it makes it easier to grab hold and pluck.

Our finger drum quartet!

Who wants to Jam?

Thanks pal!


Oh yeah.....
.....we also played the shakers we made yesterday.....

...and belted out a tune!

Canadian idols!


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog,these look great ,they are having lots of fun, I would love you to join us on my Creative Monday blog hop with some of your craft ideas ? :)

    1. Ok great I will try to pop by when I can! Thanks!

  2. These are great! Thanks for sharing! Excellent stuff!

  3. Okay I guess we're on the same page...we were doing this yesterday!!!

    1. LOL it's so funny when that happens! Hope you had loads of fun!