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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Garage Sale Saturday!

It was a great garage sale day!

Bongos - you can never have too many! :) 50 cents

Bin filled with craft stuff! $2


I can see using this for markers and paper.

Wooden bread board - $1
Good for putting activities out for the tots - like the spools for threading.

 $3 for a friend!

This is so cute!
See how the story unfolds - great for circle time!
Great story time prop! 25 cents

Ann of Green Gables Hat! 25 cents

Love this!
Great for sequencing - counting - patterns etc. 25 cents

I have been looking for these forever! 10 cents

Fun Science and sensory! 10 cents

Great activity! 50 cents

Informative books!
With microphone below $4

I needed an extra one for my karaoke machine!

These are great for playdough as well! 10 cents

 25 cents and full of stickers - but I wanted them for putting away my cuttlebug folders!
$3 - there is a $62 price tag underneath!

50 cents - plus I got one of those huge dumtrucks for $1

25 cents

We can use these for science stuff - 50 cents

 Love this - great for my crafting for sure! $1

All books $2

New game - 50 cents

Entire box of craft stuff - $6

Plus I got 2 office waiting chairs for my boss and 4 heavy duty pillons - $17
Oh yeah and I got a large bag of plastic balls to make a sensory bin. $1

Doesn't this just make ya wanna go to a garage sale! :)


  1. Ya ya ya...I did go and got a big 0, zip, nada, nothing!! Great haul you managed


    1. Aw so sorry to hear - maybe next time!

  2. Wow, you got some awesome finds here!! I miss going to garage sales, where I currently live, there are a few, but nothing like in Southern California where I grew up!

    1. Thanks - I am very addicted to garage sales now! :)