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Monday, 28 November 2011

Preprinting skills

Today we worked on our preprinting skills using various fine motor tools.

First we used this piece of classroom equipment (click link for description)

I find it's great to start the little ones off on this since it has a large knob for grasping, and the tracks to trace are large, so the knob flows easily. There is little frustration with this equipment and the children are drawn to it with out prompting.

 We also do tracing in sand and recently I found these cards which helps direct our process. The kids really enjoy this activity.

Then of course we practise with pencil and paper - we added sponge grips to make it easier.

In all of these activities we find out hand dominance - what type of grip the children are using - who needs help with grip  - what level the children are at in the preprinting process, and what activities we need to add or take out of the process at the time preprinting activities are introduced.

The children fully participate in all of the activities introduced without proding - they find great pride in the success they achieve with practice.

Sensory Christmas Bin

In our Christmas sensory bin we have small styrofoam balls - a selection of pompoms and Santa and his reindeer. The kids have been enjoying this - although the styrofoam balls do have a lot of static cling - they are everywhere! LOL

Real Life experiences!

Today during nap time we suddenly heard loud voices and saw flashing red lights on our walls. What could that be we wondered, as the children woke up one by one. As I opened the blinds to take a look, we saw 6 fire trucks outside of our window, and a couple of police cars! The children were shreaking 'Firetruck'! They were addressing an issue inside the building across our parking lot.I knew we must not be in any danger, as our alarms were not set off and no emergency crew came to evacuate us, so I allowed the children to watch the action from our safe vantage point! It was a very important situation for them to view. They got to see equipment being unloaded and loaded and the lights flashing and all the rescue personal in their complete uniforms. We discussed what they were wearing and why. Why the lights were flashing and why the police may be there to help the firefighters. As it turned out there was a dryer fire in one of the units. We have rehabs - doctors offices - dance studios etc. all whom may use dryers. Any way we had a free real life lesson in fire rescue.

While some of us were sleeping the excitement was happening just outside our window!

Not one firetruck....

...there were several!

We were safe and sound!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Moon Sand recipes

I have made sand play dough before - this is NOT Moon Sand.

We also made Cloud dough:  Cloud dough

Moon Sand - is a completely different composition.

Here are a couple of sites with recipes - there are many more:

I was lucky enough to find the real Moon Sand At garage sales this summer.

Another blogger found this in her neck of the woods: not-cloud-dough-this-is-called-delta-sand

No matter what the brand or whether it's home made - I am more than sure the children will have great fun playing with this amazing sand.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas / Winter Link Overload!

I have been going crazy on my Kreative Resources Facebook page linking up some awesome Christmas and Winter activities. There are crafts, FREE printables and loads of fun for the entire season! There are more than I can post here - I suggest checking in there daily to see what's happening!

Resources for the classroom - on a dime!

OK I so miss my garage sale Saturdays! I had to go out to the local reuse centre to see what I could find. I have a couple of projects to do so I had a reason to go (like I really need one - LOL). So this is what I got!

I got these rubber coasters for 50 cents - they will come in handy for either math activities or just fun in the dramatic play kitchen ... or my mind is going crazy now - loads of ideas! :)

For playdough fun or making gifts - all kinds of uses - 25cents

I'm using these a lot lately - I grabbed some more - 10 cents each

To make round icecubes which will be good in our winter sensory bin!

I went for these - 35cents each - I want to make pom poms for our Winter concert.

I was inspired by the Christmas fine motor activities found here.
I need more stuff to put on the pole - I'll check another thrift store this week!
About $3 all together.

This basket will be good to keep the above rings in for this activity - 50 cents

I always grab good baskets - storage is always needed - 50 cents

Love this - melt beads to make stain glass projects. $2

The lead for the stain glass!
Included in the $2 price!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Felt Board Stories 2

Well I have made an extra effort his year to get out the felt board - to do lessons - tell stories - sing songs - and to do finger plays. The kids really absorb every moment of these activities - probably because it's visual and I tend to use funny voices and become quite expressive when presenting! :)

Here are a few examples of what I do.

I use pre-made sets - like Old McDonald!

Hand made sets I made for finger plays - but also work well on the felt board.

I printed up little cue cards for each since there are times I forget the words! :)

Then I have printed off some story images and props from other websites.

These have been successful and fun!

Then other peoples creative ideas have inspired me to make my own version of the props seen.

I have many more on hand and I hope to be inspired by the creative bloggers in the ECE world to make even more!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas I Spy Jars

Well my trip to the dollar store to get 2 things ended up in a 40 dollar shopping spree for Christmas craft items! Oh well now I don't have to go back in the Christmas rush! I was inspired by the items I bought to create some I Spy Jars for my sensory shelf!

I found these cute plastic jars!
Safe and nicely decorated!

Then I saw these styrofoam balls!
Well that just sceamed I Spy Jars to me!

Then I grabbed all the little things I could put inside!

Gotta have some of the glitter pom poms & glitter!

I had this left over from last year!

I got these at a garage sale!

So all of this and a tad more went into each jar!


See the stuff in there?!

Remember not to over fill with the styrofoam balls or it's too hard to see the items inside.
This can be done with coloured rice - plastic beads - or any other fill!

Don't forget to glue the lid shut with hot glue or thick white glue!

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