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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Grocery Game

No time for flashcards asked this great question - which opened up a lot of opinions:
Do you open food packages at the store for your kids to snack on while you shop?
What this topic reminded me of was a game I used to play with my children while we shopped.
I gave the children cards made up from pictures of items we needed to buy - using weekly flyers. While we went around the store the children would try to find the items on the cards they had been given. It occupied them the entire time and if they found at least one item I would reward them with a treat of their choice once we got home with the goodies we purchased.
I have 2 kids, 13 months apart - my son is autistic and had many behavioural issues - using little games like this always presented us with a successful trip to the store - no tears - no fights - no fuss!!
I formalized and adapted the game for use in my classroom. To be used for nutrition activities - dramatic play activities and categorizing etc. The cards I made can be used in any way possible.
Here are some of the cards I made up for my classroom.

There are many more - I tried to cover as many common items as I could think of.
I actually got these images off line - printed - cut them out and glued them to blank index cards and laminated them. You can punch a hole in them and put them on a key chain to make it easy to take along to the grocery store!


  1. LOVE this idea! Great way to keep kids occupied. I am not a parent, but I am a preschool special education teacher and I can't wait to share this with parents!

  2. Thanks - I am a 'Developmental Service Worker' and ECE - being the Mom of an autistic son made me very inventive! :)
    Adrienne if you want a copy of the sheets I made up to make the cards - message me at: kreativeresources@hotmail.com
    I only have it on WORD right now!
    If anyone else wants a copy message me as well!

  3. Really love your idea. Can I please have a copy as well so that I could let my niece to play with it too.