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Monday, 18 July 2011

A Place of your own!

Sometimes being at school can be overwhelming - even a little tike needs to get away from things. Stealing a private moment requires the right space to stow away. Those places can be almost anywhere, seemingly hidden away for a toddler, but in safe view of the adults in care. Here are a few places my kids like to go!

Inside spaces!

The kids call this 'the orange chair' - the top comes down and then you feel all alone and hidden away!

The Library area with cushions.

On a large stuffed catapillar!

Some of the really little ones take their bottle there and lay quietly!

Outside spaces!

In the bus tent - sitting on a tire!

Sometimes sitting quitely in the covered cars give one a moment alone.

Stowing away under the slide.

Playing in the playhouse.

Under the mini slide.

So one may not think of these areas as private - but a little one sees these spaces as hidden and intimate - a place alone!


  1. Under tables with sheets over the top... under the 'fort' playground equipment outside... behind bushes... in book corner, surrounded by pillows... we all need somewhere to hide sometimes! I go down the gully at home and sit in the bush listening to the birds. If only my preschoolers could do that!

  2. Sometimes those moments are the refreshers we need!