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Sunday, 10 July 2011


So Science week was last week and here is one of our activities - we made rockets!
(You only need glue if you do not use sticker paper)

Print out the images of rockets on to sticker paper
(If you do not have sticker paper, regular is OK - but then you must use glue)
I used microsoft office word 2007 - made a chart - searched clipart images of rockets - selected the one I liked and inserted them into the chart. If the kids are with you, get them to pick the one they like!

Cut out and peel off two images as shown - leaving them attached in the middle -  line in between is a guide to fold on.

Put a small square of tin foil on the top of the large straw.
This is a spit guard don't forget it - LOL
(Plastic wrap can be used as well.)

Fold images in the centre.

Place large straw inside images - centred - just below the fold

Press down as flat and tight around the straw as you can - pinch the top of the straw inside the image.

Slip the small straw into the large straw

Place your mouth around the bottom of the small straw - tilt you head back and BLOW!
You now have blast off!

One thing I found difficult about this activity was taking a picture in flight - they flew very well!

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