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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mancala Game

My Garage Sale Find!

I did not write the following - it was in my archives - for the life of me I cannot find where I got it - it was the best discription - so I wanted to include it!

"THE NATIONAL GAME of Africa, known as
"Mancala," has caught on with Americans.
You can join in the fun by making a Mancala
board in your home workshop. All you have to
do is follow the details below.
One of the oldest games in the world, Mancala
is played by two people. The object is to
capture the most counters. Each player places
the same number of counters (coins, marbles,
etc.) in six holes on his side of the board.
You can start with six counters and use more
as you gain proficiency.
To begin the game, the first player picks up all
the counters from any one of his six holes and
distributes them to his right, placing one in each
hole. If the last one lands in his scoring bin, he
gets another turn, but otherwise the turn passes
to his opponent.
If he has enough counters to go beyond his
Get cracking - eat thoses eggs and
make yourself a Mancala Game!
scoring bin, after dropping one there, he proceeds                                        
from right to left along his opponent's side
of the board. When he can go around the other
end (skipping the other player's scoring bin)
and drop the last counter in any empty hole on
his own side of the board, he captures all the
counters in the hole opposite.
The game of Mancala is over when all the
holes on either side of the playing board are
empty. The player with the most counters in
his scoring bin is the winner. Mancala can be
enjoyed by everyone except for the smallest

Some links to make your own game:





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