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Saturday, 3 September 2011

A good day for G-sales! :)

I seriously don't know why people buy retail! :) LOL
I had a great day - good haul!

Giant bucket of Moon Sand with a play mat.
There is grey, blue and red sand. $2

I needed a mouse puppet! :) 25 cents

Airplane - 25cents

Ball with a fish inside - 25 cents

Large bells - 50 cents

2 electronic word games - $1

Wind up bug - 10 cents

2 of these stacking baskets - 50 cents

A treat for me :) - $1

I could have used this in the summer for our drama week - Oh well now I have it for next time!
50 cents

Canada eh! 50 cents

Wooden Puzzle $1

Crocodile Dentist - $1

Water table $3 - like new!

Games $3

I actually got this a couple of weeks ago - $2

To hang costumes - $1

OK this is a cliff hanger for you all!
If you can identify this please place your guess in the comments area below.
I'll let you know what it is and what I am using them for after a few guesses are posted! :)
(This could be fun!)


And the answer is..... It's a mirror clamp to hold a weave - so you can style it before you put it in your hair! :) I am going to use them to hold art work and room decor!


  1. Great finds! Are those window shades for the car?

  2. No but they do look like shades for the care window! I'll post the answer soon! LOL

  3. Great finds! Love the Twisty Tunnels. I thought at first they were some sort of display item, but the suction cups threw me off. I'm not sure!