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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Treasures of the day!

I just LOVE my garage sale days!

Books are a must buy! Plus a CD - 50 cents


I love these! :) $1

A cute doll that can go in the bath!
All the dolls I buy are able to go into the water. $1

Curious George - he blows bubble in the bath! $1

50 cents for the pattern set!

Love the croc! 25cents

25 cents

Paper sorter FREE!

Craft supplies - $1

I have wanted this for a couple of years - but I don't buy retail - LOL

Got it today for $1

See why I wanted it - so cute - great prop for story telling!

....and the best find of the day!!! 25 cents
Great prop to teach tooth brushing - it's an actual dental model the dentists use to show kids!

I also got a case of plain white paper bags - the kind delis wrap sandwiches in for $2 - I already have a ton of ideas for those! :) Oh and some small plastic viles with lids - just about anything can go into those!

Doesn't this make you want to go to garage sales for your little tots!

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