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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Resources for the classroom - on a dime!

OK I so miss my garage sale Saturdays! I had to go out to the local reuse centre to see what I could find. I have a couple of projects to do so I had a reason to go (like I really need one - LOL). So this is what I got!

I got these rubber coasters for 50 cents - they will come in handy for either math activities or just fun in the dramatic play kitchen ... or my mind is going crazy now - loads of ideas! :)

For playdough fun or making gifts - all kinds of uses - 25cents

I'm using these a lot lately - I grabbed some more - 10 cents each

To make round icecubes which will be good in our winter sensory bin!

I went for these - 35cents each - I want to make pom poms for our Winter concert.

I was inspired by the Christmas fine motor activities found here.
I need more stuff to put on the pole - I'll check another thrift store this week!
About $3 all together.

This basket will be good to keep the above rings in for this activity - 50 cents

I always grab good baskets - storage is always needed - 50 cents

Love this - melt beads to make stain glass projects. $2

The lead for the stain glass!
Included in the $2 price!


  1. What is a reuse center and where can I find one!?

    Miss Timaree


  2. It's a community recycling centre - where people can drop off used items that are sold to the community at very cheap prices. I guess you would have to check your city commerce to see if there is one near you.