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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

We have 10 fingers!

I saw this today and decided to make my own version and laminate it to assist some tots in counting their fingers!
Although my tots can count to 30 the concept of all those numbers gets lost if you do not assist them in making a visual connection to those numbers. So this is what we did.

I had the tots place their hands over the hands on the page we created. Then I had them count out loud their fingers on each hand. Some breezed by doing this activity - others did struggle. I will leave this out for the tots to practise whenever they have an urge to do so. 


  1. This is how my daughter learned her fingers for piano! :)

    1. I love things that teach across all avenues!

  2. I really love how you can expand on this activity, especially when introducing beginning addition and subtraction.