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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inspiration and nature!

We have been really busy gardening our little patch of land. We are hoping for a great deal of amazing plants to surge forth. There should be lots of veggies to try if all goes well!
To go along with our nature and gardening activities I showed my tots the pictures of Happy Hooligans Robin Family! We also did our version of their rockin-robin & we also made our version of nesting material for the birds from The Crafty Crow, which Happy Hooligans shared the link for on their FB page. Thanks you guys for inspiring us to have a great day!

Here are our gardening pictures from today!

Our version of the Rockin'-Robin - hung in the hallway with our coffee filter flowers!

Our version of the nesting material for birds - hung in a tree beside our garden.

Our garden - veggies in back - flowers in front!

Daily watering!


  1. I love your version of the rockin' robins! And I really like the way you bundled your nesting material in your tree. I tried to do the wire orb version, but didn't have much success in making the orbs, so I scrapped the idea. You've given me inspiration, and now I know how we'll do it next time. :) Pinning this post! Thanks for the mentions! xo

  2. Thanks - we tied the nesting material to pipecleaners and then hung them with a clothes peg - it worked great.