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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday is my, our day!

Saturday is the day my husband and I spend quality time together by going to garage sales - we LOVE them!
I get stuff for school and for my crafting needs - he gets stuff to send home to Nigeria for family and friends.
This is what I got today!

Puzzles - drumsticks - duck whistle - french language cards
and wooden pegs for a pegboard - $4

Japanese Daruma Doll - FREE

Drum - $10 - the most I have paid but the sound was great and it's large!
Update: I just spent some time looing up these drums - the prices range from
$59.99 for a small childs drum to $350.00 - this one is valued at about $200.00!
Well worth the $10 spent!! :)

FREE - for our Library corner - the boys love this car!

Tool kit - I so need this in the classroom
Book stand - headlight and plastic box - for crafting.
All - $6 with the 4 Headphones below!

$1 - Boxes to organise my craft area
$1 - Potato sack racers - for fun!

25cents - The tots will love these!

Frames for tots art - trinket box - disco light -  unique colouring book - $1

Photo book - 25 cents - embosser $1

Topsy tervey doll $1

Play laundry basket and supplies - $1


Wooden craft pieces with.....

..... storage trays - paper box - book tape - chalk - tin
stick tack paper - misc. craft supplies - all $1

Books $1

4 Headphones

Throw in a Queen sized comforter and a leather purse  for $8 and that is one great garage sale day!

By the way, sometimes you can find garage-sale prices for needed stuff by checking out CouponCravings.com before shopping online.

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