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Friday, 20 May 2011

Children's Lands - Part one

This program was introduced to me by one of my college ECE instructors, who visited Peru and experienced it first hand. I was impressed, so I have subsequently introduced it to a Child Care Centre where I once worked, and at the Montessori School I am in now. In both instances it was taken on by each and every member of the centre and school in a very positive manner. Everyone came up with their own plans and put it them action. We are presently in the early stages of planting and getting the word out into the community. It will be exciting to see how this develops.
First Ania came all the way from Peru (via my college instructors friend) to introduce Children's Lands to our school.

This is my Toddler room - The children were happy to meet Ania - they were excited to get started!

The planting begins!
 The Sunflowers start to grow!
We recycled carpet tubes and tissue tubes to plant some of our seeds in!

Sadly our broccoli died and our zuccini never grew - but that didn't stop us!

 Time to plant outdoors!

Our beans are growing along side the beautiful flowers donated by family members.

Watch for a followup to our Children's Lands gardening adventures!
Hopefully we will be able to sample our beans! :)

I have a wonderful powerpoint along with information booklets available for viewing, if you would like to start your own Children's Lands project! email kreativeresources@hotmail.com


  1. Digging and getting dirty is certainly a great joy for my toddlers - so this project has been popular.