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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Photos in the classroom

I was lucky enough to find this awesome photo at a garage sale a couple of years ago! I just love it! I look at it and think - it could have been my husband and myself when we were kids. It was taken by the son of an elderly couple for a photo assignment in the 70's - the son had sadly passed away. I told the couple I wanted to hang the picture in my classroom to show diversity - they gave it to me for free - because they said their son would be proud of it sending a good message to children! I cried on the way home thinking of their son. I am honoured to hang it in my classroom.

It's important to hang photos of the students in your class as well - it gives them a sense of ownership and pride. Why not have them take their own photos to add - what a fun way to see through their eyes. A 'Family Photo Board' helps to make a child feel secure and eases their longing for home when they miss Mom and Dad.
Adding the children's photo onto bulletin boards gives the children a great giggle - it's fun to see their faces when they discover they are part of the theme that month!

Why not use real photos to present a theme?


  1. I LOVE that first real photo! Its beautiful. Black and white photos always seem to draw me in.

    And using real photos for a theme is excellent. Never thought to use those.

  2. That photo is my favorite and I too love black and white photos - I hope to find more!