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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Chestnut Streamer Toy

So today I saw this chestnut streamer toy On Red Ted Art's Blog and I thought to myself - this would make a great Fall Fair toy, that I could incorporate into a game! I thought that each child could take a turn tossing the toy towards a pylon and the closest would win a prize. However a paper streamer would not last all morning with 50 or 60 kids using it - so I decided I would make some with ribbon streamers. I sent my son out to pick up some chestnuts while on his evening walk and my husband drilled a hole in each chestnut. I threaded three 1/4 inch ribbons - 24 inches long - through a chestnut - secured it with a bead and put a dab of glue inside to firm it up.

Here is the result!

See the bead in the top.

Hopefully this will work out as a game for our Fall Fair as I envision it. I will test them out tomorrow if it's not raining! I will post pictures of the children using them tomorrow if I have success! :)


  1. Ooooh yours are BEAUTIFUL! Love the idea of having the threads go all the way through without glue.



  2. Thanks Maggie and thanks for the inspiration!