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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturdays Garage Sale Finds!

Well sales are really slowing down now - it was freezing today - only about 6 garage sales - but I managed to find some cool things!

This Little Piggy - 10 cents!
Well maybe not so cool! LOL
Let's go from the mundane to the Wow! :)

Steel Magnets - 50 cents

Note pads - 50 cents

Die cuts and stickers - 50 cents

Caddy on wheels - $2

Heat gun - 50 cents
Now I can melt my crayons! :) I'm so happy - I have been looking for one of these all summer!

Pack and Roll - I have wanted one of these forever - but I don't pay retail LOL - $5

For our gym program - I thought the toddlers can tumble over this - $2
I have no idea what it really is - maybe a foot rest?

OK don't be jealous now! Claw machine - for rewards ! Yippy! $2
Now doesn't that deserve a WOW!


  1. I know I'm super jealous! Great finds! Here in the desert we are just entering garage sale days. :) I can't wait!

  2. I wish you great luck Ms. Jessi! Please post pictures of your finds!

  3. You are an amazing garage-saler! I need to hit the streets soon...it is so much fun to find cheap but delightful treasures. Thanks for your comment on my blog.