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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Crayon resist (attempt)

Today we were going to make crayon resist pictures for Halloween. I was hoping to surprise the tots with jack-o-lanterns and bats - hidden on their page! We used finger paint paper - I drew Halloween pictures with white crayon - gave the children sponges to paint the paper with black paint. The hope was that the images underneath would pop off the page. However the page simply went black. Some images appeared briefly but when the page dried - nothing! Not sure what we did wrong but we had fun using the sponges to coat the pages with black paint anyway!
After all it's about the process - not the result - Right!? :)


  1. Leeanne we use water colour paints in crayon resist activities. Perhaps your paint was too dense. Then again it's black paint ... and children love playing with black paint regardless of the outcome!
    Donna :) :)

  2. We use plots too. We've used tempera before too but we had to make it really thin to work. But the most important thing is that the kids got to paint! :)

  3. Thanks gang! Yes I believe my paint was not thinned out enough - but we did have fun! :)