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Saturday, 15 October 2011

It's Saturday - that means Garage Sale finds!

Well each time I go out to the garage sales I really have no expectation to get something awesome - but I do! :) This has been a block buster summer! Unfortunately I think they are all done - unless next week is super sunny and warm!
Here are today's finds!

Great puzzles - FREE

I thought I could use this for the kids to put large beads on and practice sequencing. 50 cents

I love wooden toys! I got this with lots of books and instruments for $2.

Great cultural books and CD's - the books today may have cost me $2 tops!

25 cents

Adding this to my instrument collection!

20 cents

Purchased with the books! What a find I love this!

Free - needs steaming!

For another teacher - 25 cents

OK all pretty common - but here is the topper!!

Three - yes three puzzles shelves - each holds 12 - $20 for all!
These retail for $60 to $80!

(Note - my full storage cupboard behind! It's a tad full of my great finds.) LOL


  1. Who would have puzzle shelves in their home? Wow, a great find!

  2. LOL - it was a toy sharing library selling off their extras at a church bazzar!

  3. Great idea for the bobbin thing! Looks like you have some really great buys!

    Lindsey @ Eriefamilies.com