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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Some garage sales are a blessing!

I don't think many people can say they went to a garage sale and came home with a pony - a FREE pony!

It neighs and whinnies!

Turns it's head - moves it's mouth and blinks it's eyes!

It's the size of a real pony!

Then I got the regular stuff - but there is a surprise ending here as well - the pony was not the best thing I got today.

Well I do have to organize all my treasures! $1

I grab these all the time.
Great for play dough and other 3D art projects! 10 cents

For my co-workers daughter! 50 cents

Books are a must! 25 cents each

For my French Teacher!
25 cents each

In Montessori school we use trays to present activities! $1

Can never have enough! :) $2

For my French teacher! $3

OK and drum roll please!!

I got these violins for FREE!!!!!

Sadly I knocked the strings off one - I'll have to get it restrung and I do need to buy some bows now!

The cases were free as well!

There are some people you meet who have a heart of gold and send their blessings along with the great items they give to me! They simply want to know their items are going to good use and that children will benefit. We meet the best people when we garage sale!

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