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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A peaceful classroom

I am quite amazed and bless at how peacefully the day starts in our classroom each day. I attribute that to the fact that we have many things of interest to explore and the children are free to explore as they wish. We do have routine activities that I expect the children to be involved in - such as circle time. However the freedom and the variety of age appropriate and individualized activities of interest, assists the children in making good decisions on how to spend their time. There are also enough things for each child to have their own activity without infringing on someone elses freedom to choose.

The photos below were taken on Thursday morning. All the children came in and went directly to the areas which interested them - without prodding - without suggestion. They all played quietly and cooperatively! A smile came to my face when I realized I could hear a pin drop and yet the room was full of toddlers. They were so immersed in play that they had no time for nonsense or trouble making! :)

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