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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Melting crayons - revisited

Well we thought putting the crayons we made in a icecube tray made for water bottle icecubes - we would have better crayons to use. Here's what happened.

I broke up the melted crayons we made yesterday and put them in the icecube tray - applied the heat gun and.....

....the tray started to melt - woops! But the crayon was cool! LOL
Maybe in the microwave again!

So into a metal tray - not so cool shape!
(It's a mini tart size)

Melted crayons - DO NOT TOUCH THE TRAY!
 I wouldn't do this with the kids around - too hot!

Here they are - I like them - hope the kiddies do! :)


  1. Leeanne- You could always melt the crayon wax in a separate container and pour it into the molds. I use metal cans with handles like the ones I have in my candle making post http://www.childcentralstation.com/2011/08/sand-candles.html Then, you can use all kinds of other molds to pour the wax into and have all kinds of fun shapes And you don't have to worry about melting the molds!

  2. Thanks for that information - so helpful! :)