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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Classroom tour

I have decided to give you a tour of my classroom! It may not be for everyone - but it works for us! The children are able to access what they wish independantly and return items to the shelves independantly. It is bright and welcoming with plenty of room to move about. I keep a large path around the room open for the children to push baby buggies and carts. It is comfortable and everyone enjoys being there! We are a combination of ECE emergent and Montessori.

Media centre - we do lots of singing and dancing here
and on a rainy day we get to see a video!
There is a magnet board hanging under the window - for literacy and math activities.

Our little library
I should have straightend up the books before taking the picture - LOL

Science Centre with light box.

Some of our blocks and a quiet chair to sit in.

Our toy shelf
Practical life - house keeping. We now have new stove and fridge (not in picture).

Practical life shelf and puzzle shelf - creative on either side.
Diaper and cot area behind.

Extra puzzle shelf and Birthday board - photo album

Teachers area off to the right of our circle carpet
and calendar board (which needs finishing before the new school year)
Calendar board is close to the ground so the children
can hang the number for the next day independantly.
Looking back towards our door - arts and crafts left of puzzles.

Looking back from our media area - our sensory bin goes on the blue table (we took it ourside).

I hang class photos on the wall and a special photo I love!
This is the photo I love! :)

Looking in from the door

Well that's it my classroom! :)

Just a side note - 99.9% of this room was put together with garage sale finds! I'm proud of that!


  1. Wow Leeanne - you should be pretty proud of that. I think it is amazing what you have done with garage sale finds!

  2. I really am proud of it - I do have almost everything we need - I don't think I have spent over $5 for anything!

  3. That is great. I love the calendar down low. I need to do more of that.

    Do you keep markers and paints down low? I am afraid of the mess or damage done if I let them down.

  4. I do keep art materials low - depending on who is in the room that day - LOL Some kids just don't get that they cannot decorate the room with them - or EAT them. So if it's a day when I have 'understanding' children in the room - they are out!