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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Resources on a budget!

OK are you ready for this? LOL
For those of you who may not know - I am addicted to garage sales!! I love them because I am cheap, and I don't get paid enough to by resources in retail stores. So each weekend my husband and I go garage sale hunting.
Today I wasn't going to go overboard - I have resources spilling out the door - but when you see awesome things for NOTHING or next to nothing - you grab them!
So here we go - this weeks great finds!
25 cents

50 cents

10 cents

A plastic bin full of office supplies - lg. envelopes
file folders, labels, pens and pencils etc. $2 including the bin

$3 for all


$2 for all

Magic sand - not opened $1 for all
$1 for all



$3 - they plug in and light up!

50 cents - I have been looking for some for 3 years!

50 cents for both Zhu zhu's - they sound real! LOL

Math game - $1

6 part banner - love, peace, harmony etc. 50 cents
I like things that are different to decorate.
I thought this would be nice to hang for spring! 50 cents

Note the hand made and hand typed papers - this stuff is old! LOL

This was in the free stuff! Old eh?!

I got 8 of these sets - FREE!!! :)

I need bins to hold all this stuff - LOL! 25 cents

50 cents

I am more than pleased I found this! $2
Oh and some new hinges for 25 cents - I want to make something! :)

There is more that I did not photograph - 9 packs of computer paper $1 - 3 lacross sticks $1.50  - Hum and there might be a couple of other things - but I can't remember right now! LOL

Gosh I love to go to garage sales!!

So for about $24.75 I got a ton of stuff to make lots of kiddies smile! The lady who gave me the free stuff has more to go through in her basement and will be giving me a phone call when she is ready to pass it on to someone who will use it!! That would be me!! :)

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