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Monday, 4 July 2011

Our playground!

We are a relatively young school - open 10 years - but in a brand new location this year. Basically we are in a commercial office building and our playground is in the back of our building, off of a large parking lot. So the task this year - to make the playground kid friendly. There have been several trees planted along the fences to create a shield from the parking lots. This past weekend a walkway from the doors to the play areas was put in to avoid tredging through mud when it rains. The owners bought some used playhouses and tetter totters from another closing centre. When we went to pick them up UGH!!!! Covered in bugs - spiders webs and green fungus!! Who the heck played in there? :( So my husband and I spent Saturday powerwashing each part separately, then reassembled the houses and put out the tetter totters for the kids to discover today. Thankfully they were a hit! So now we have several kiddie cars and riding toys - a sand box with tools - 2 climbers with slides - 2 play houses and 2 teeter totters - 4 tires - a popup school bus tent - some balls and a crawling tunnel.
Sounds good - lots to play with, but I still wish we were more 'woodsy'.
I do have to be pleased that the children are enjoying thier time outdoors - imagination helps! So the evolution of the playground will take some time - hopefully we will move from generic to something special soon!

Exploring the new playhouses!
Hum how does this thing work?

"I'm gonna build a castle!"

I think we've got it!

Whoa this is fun!

"Can I try?"

:) They seemed to really enjoy this!

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