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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Garage sale finds for the Classroom - continues!

Well it's Saturday and you know what that means - Garage Sales!! I just have to show off what I got today!
OK I am so going to have fun with this one - it blows hundreds of bubbles in one dip of the wand! The kids will squeal with delight! We do bubble blowing almost everyday - for 25 cents this is a steal! :)

Wipe clean books - always popular! 50cents

Melamine coasters - for a matching activity - why not! :) 25 cents.

PUPPETS! The bull was FREE and the other 2 - 50 cents

Books - always good!

Flag for Anthem during circle! Plus an extra for the Bulletin board! $1

For us this is a must have - I got the machine and 2 filters for $2.
Maybe now the diaper smell will leave our room for good! :)

25 cents for 3 aprons!

I have a plan for this and other great finds - 50 cents!

Hen pecking motion toys! 1 FREE and 25 cents!

Hats for dramatic play - $1.50
A whole lot of cookie cutters! $1.25

Oh and lets not forget - a carpet for my library area - 50 cents - a road carpet to drive cars on - $1 - 2 soaker hoses for our gardens - $2 - a dolly cart for heavy moving - $2 - a FREE 20 inch TV and a TV/VCR built in for a steal! :)
Hehehehe I am over the moon!

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