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Friday, 16 September 2011

Story time!

One of the most important times we can share with our children is story time. I think of the hours I have spent reading to not only my own children, but to the children whom I have been blessed to teach and care for. Some stories I have read over and over hundreds of times. They are either true classics, or just fun adventures that children seem to get a kick from. Sometimes I can see them mouth the words along with me as I read to them, because they have memorized the story verbatim. I have learned never to skip a page or to improvise - kids are just too smart to allow you to do that! :) Reading to children is a time for bonding - a time for learning and a time for building imagination. When we share the joys of reading children will want to learn to read on their own - they will be inspired to pick up a book and turn the pages with curiosity.
I once worked in a child care centre where they used CD's of the story being told by some person in a studio - with a bell to indicate the time to turn the page! While this may be an interesting novelty, in my opinion it is an apathetic manner in which to assimilate a child to reading.
There is nothing better than a child cuddled up on your lap listening to each and every word you have to share from the pages of their favorite books.
How many books have you read to your child this week? Make it part of your routine to read at least one book each and every day. You will both benefit.

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