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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Let them do it!

There are many times when we could simply do things for our children to save time and to get tasks completed promptly, then we can move on to something new. But are we really helping our children if we do everything for them? In my classroom I work on skill development and building independence. Sometimes that means we simply have to allow our children to struggle a little, even if that means they may be the last one to join in on an activity or circle time. We may feel a little guilty for not jumping in and doing things for our kids to alleviate any stress - for them and us. We may even get frustrated because time is ticking. However we are giving our children a great gift when we let them discover and achieve things on their own. The sense of accomplishment when a job is well done shows on their little faces - that to me is priceless and supports the efforts.
I have had other teachers who come into my toddler room and say "Oh but they are so little, we should do it for them." My answer is, "Why?" If we always do each and ever task for our children they may never feel the satisfaction of achievement and they may even hesitate to try new things without an adult hovering over them to direct every move. Exploration and discovery in the early years of life is essential to healthy development. So I say, "Let them do it"! Supporting success is an imperative part of my job!

Today my little friend put on his own shoes - he was the last one to come to story time but he came with a big smile on his face! :)

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