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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Todays Treasures

Although the garage sales are winding down I found some good deals!

A tote on wheels which holds a laptop and binders - although I could have used this in college the past 3 years, it will come in handy on days I have a lot to carry into the school. Who knows I may go back to college again as well! :) $4

Felt - I have a lot of projects to get done for my felt board - this will come n handy! $2

Woodies and patches - 50cents

Paint - lots of projects to complete - 50 cents each

More woodies and some ribbon - the basket was in the same bag - 50 cents
I use some woodies to replace puzzle pieces that are missing.

Books are a must have and I don't pass up the good ones that are cheap - 25 cents each

... more books - 25 cents each

Jesters hat - 25 cents

More dance music- 25 cents

Mini blender - so many uses! $2

I have so many Thomas the Train lovers in my class - $1
These drive on their own with a flip of a switch.

Cute poster for colour matching - 25 cents

In my opinion another great garage sale day - and the kiddies benefit!

1 comment:

  1. It was a great weekend for craft supplies in your neck of the woods, too! Love the poster, I wouldnt have thought of a matching game-that would be cute!