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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Felt Board Stories

Last week Montessori Alliance posted a link for Flannel Stories which are available totally FREE! There are many choices to fit many familiar themes and children's literature. I used two of the printables today - the children loved them!
I printed off the ones I wanted to use - laminated them and put Velcro on them so I could use the felt board to present them.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly!
I sing this song to the kids every day - using the prop brought even more smiles to the children's faces.
Although there is a goat in my version of the song the children didn't seem to care that when we use the prop a cow has moved in. :) 

Donut Shop
What fun this was - each child was able to select a donut and identify the colour. Even the shy children wanted to come up and take a turn selecting their colour. The verse that comes along with the donuts is very similar to one I use for a cookie game (as seen in the post here - resource-storage )

Previously I had been using these felt mittens to teach colours - now I have something else to support that!

The felt mittens lead into the felt shapes - I hold them up like flashcards and the children yell out the colour and shape - great fun!

I know I will certainly go back to the link and print more since we had so much fun and I do love using props. I have written about that before - Props

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