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Monday, 8 August 2011

Bubble snakes

I have seen these on many blogs and wanted to try it with my toddlers! What I found was they really enjoyed playing with the bubbles, but had a really difficult time blowing them - most sucked in instead of blowing out - LOL. So the teachers assisted in the play by blowing the bubble snakes for them to play with - what made it even more fun was the fact that it was a bit windy and the snakes flew into the air!

The contraption to make the bubbles is made by cutting the bottom off of a plastic drink bottle and placing a facecloth over the opening and securing it with an elastic. Dip the end in bubble soaps and blow in the mouth end of the bottle!


  1. What great fun...the pictures show just that!

  2. Aw thanks - Yes it was fun - a must do activity for everyone!

  3. I had the same suck/blow issue, but found it was greatly reduced by putting 'pop top' lids on the bottles. More fun for the kids and keeps the teachers from hyperventilating!

  4. Great idea - thanks for the tip cathtastic!