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Sunday, 14 August 2011

More Bargains

OK I wasn't going to but I couldn't resist going to the reuse centre today - I am glad I did! For about $20 I found all kinds of cool things for my classroom. One day I have to stop buying stuff  - but hey I can always share!

Photo boxes with space inside for 'stuff' - I have a matching game in mind.
I could put objects inside which will match with the photos placed in the frame.
A math game also comes to mind - counters inside - match to numbers put in the frame.

Elastics for Geo board.

These are coasters but I want to make them into reusable ink pads!

Wooden boxes - always handy!

A wooden box to decorate!

An icecream maker to go with the slushy machine I got last week!

Floral sand for sensory and creative activities.

Wooden Beads!

I like this shape!

We all need wiggly eyes

A tic tac toe game puzzle

Wooden puzzle

One is french! :)

For time or science and math activities.

Athletic tape - hey ya never know what this could be used for :)

Stir sticks for any mixing activity

Storage is good!

Great for Montessori practical life activities.

Popsicle sticks

Egg cups - but I am more than sure we can come up with something to use these for.

I need this to secure my book rack.

Jello molds good for all kinds of activities.

Inuite art for cultural activities

Baby sized - so cute - for cultural activities.

Tickle me Elmo - well just to tckle of course!  :)

I just love these - not good for toddlers - but I couldn't leave them behind! LOL
Gifts for Moms perhaps?!

So what do you think - any suggestions for the items you see?
Please give me more ideas!

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