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Saturday, 27 August 2011

I had to do it - another day at the garage sales!

OK I really didn't have time for this but I just couldn't miss any 'local' garage sales today! My husband is having friends over today and I really should be cleaning and preparing food - but hey my kids always come first! :)
So here are todays garage sale finds!

OK you have to love this! Moon Sand in it's own sandbox - with molds and extra Moon Sand!
$5 for all!

Christmas stamps!

Gotta have books!

I thought I could make 'I Spy' jars with these or use them in a sensory bin!
My price $1 - Retails for $65 per bag (yikes)

Cool magnet toy!

Must have a big selection of wooden puzzles! $1

Video for rainy days - 25cents!

LOL love these! Great for dental hygine week! 25 cents.

By the end of the summer I hope to have a set for every child to use! :) $1

This is to be hung in the window to reflect prism light into the room - 25 cents!

Plus I got a book case and odds and ends for other classrooms and some crafting supplies!

Another good day at the garage sales - glad I took a bit of time out to go to them!
But sad about the ones I may have missed! LOL

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