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Saturday, 20 August 2011

A great day for garage sales

Today I hit the mother load - many of the garage sales I went to were teacher selling off their classroom resources - I did well! :) I also got quite a few great items! :)

A box of books - $5

Love this one!

Classroom posters

Resources on apples and plants.

Dinosaur counters

Black light

Vtech globe


Recordable teaching phone

To add to our music box.

Wooden dominoes

Spongy balls

McDonalds Dolls - good for Birthday gifts

Package of 4 wooden puzzles

I got a bunch of balls for free - this one 25 cents

Mr. Potato Head parts

Block set

Basket for storage

OH and comfy shoes for $5 - brand new still in the box!

So how's that for a Saturday morning! :)


  1. We have that phone in our classroom...warning, it can get very annoying! ;o)
    Also, we use Mr. Potato head parts with playdough...playdough people!
    Great finds! Congrats!!

  2. LOL I'm thinking the phone comes out when I don't have a migraine - I love the playdough and Potato head parts together! :)

  3. I think so - I am addicted - now I have to be really selective and slow down a bit. Good thing winter is coming! LOL