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Friday, 10 February 2012


the heart project

Here is Kreative Resources Giveaway for this wonderful collaborative project!

Some of the items you see in this giveaway are what we used in one of our creatives for the heart project!
There are 2 new mobiles like the ones which we took apart to use as items to trace on our light box - plus 2 additional pressboard hearts and 2 cupids - a package of stickers - pencils - and a bag to put all your 'stuff'!


Don't forget the other giveaways:

TO ENTER: You may want to Donate to the American Heart Association.
Our goal is to Donate at least a total of $2000 to the AHA.

You are not required to donate in order to enter the give away!
THERE IS NO LIMIT TO How many give-aways you may enter…If you have already liked all of our social media in previous entries…then please just follow the other items required to ENTER. Thanks!

TO JUST ENTER today’s Give Away (leave your email with each comment to be contacted in case you win!):

  • Comment on today’s Post about what you love about the AHA (tell us about someone you know that benefits from it, or just that they're doing great and to keep up the work!)
Comment that you did these for extra entries:
  • Check out the AHA and (if the spirit moves you) donate!
  • Did you buy the Heart Project e-book? Comment to let us know you did!
  • Share this Link On Facebook (and comment below)
  • Share this link on Twitter (and comment below)
 **You will have 1 week to enter Each Giveaway! Therefore the closing date is the 18th of February for just our giveaway!

To make this fun for the children in my class - the winner of Kreative Resources givaway will be drawn by a student in my class - I will post a picture of them making their selection!

Donations for the e-book are still open - as well as purchasing the printed version & Donations without purchase are always welcome!

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  1. The AHA are doing a great job helping others!

  2. Tweeted it here: https://twitter.com/#!/artsy_momma/status/168359587815231489

  3. LOL well it's not to hard to pick who gets the free gift - Artsy Momma!!! Send me your address @ kreativeresources@hotmail.com