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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Our new couch!

Last night I went to pick up a couch, 'hand made' by the aunt of a friend. I had seen her work on my friends Facebook page and on a FB garage sale page, which my friend had set up! After a discussion with 'Patsy' - the creator of the couch - she made one to match our classroom decor for us to enjoy!

It matches our decor perfectly!

I could tell the tots felt very special sitting on their very own couch!

The name of Patsy's company is 'Dawns Designs'

telephone: 647-889-4244
11880 Derry Rd.
Milton, Ontario

Here are some of her other designs


I love them all!
Each is so unique!


  1. She is AMAZING! The couch is a beauty! Would love to have one like that too!

    1. I have always wanted something nice for our library but the store bought kids furniture is not as good quality as this! I am so happy to have it!