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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sorting and Spooning A Rainbow of colour!

Sorting and spooning are a staple activity in a Montessori classroom. Since my room is a combination of both emergent ECE and Montessori - this activity fits right in.

In this activity the children will use the corresponding spoon and bowl to spoon and sort the beads into the correct bowl.

I gotta say I love the dollar store - I wish I had stock in it because I could spend a thousand dollars a day! I just love this bowl and spoon set I got for $1.50. Never underestimate what you can put together with a few dollar store finds.


  1. I bought red, blue, green, and yellow in a very similar bowl at the Dollar Tree with matching spoons and then found plastic gems that were the same colors as the bowls, and have them match them as well. The gems also came in different sizes so they could sort by size as well. I am so glad that someone else fell in love with these bowls and spoons.

    1. Good to hear Holly! Now I can't wait for the garage sales to start up again!! That is when I really hit the mother load and get creative!